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Canoga Park High School : Lowes Community Learning Garden



Project Description

The Lowe’s Grant is a community grant. We, as the recipient, are only permitted to spend up to 10% of the $500,000 for contracted labor. Much of the labor that will need to be done will have to be volunteer time. Our goal is to get as many teachers, students, parents, and community members involved in this project as we can. The following is a prioritized list of alterations and improvements we plan to do with the Lowe’s Grant funds.

1. Outdoor amphitheatre/classroom, picnic area, show-ring, two greenhouses, shade house, raised garden beds, BBQ, rose garden, rain forest with gazebo, prefabricated storage units, underground water reclamation system, and solar power system. All of this will be done in the agriculture area located in the southeast corner of campus.

2. Martin Luther King dedication Garden with landscaping and plaque located in the southwest corner of campus between the auditorium and administration building.

3. Placement of the trees/plants of the 50 states throughout campus, including an identification sign, as part of a learning walk.

4. Beautification of the northeast corner of campus with boxed trees, planter boxes, and picnic tables.

5. Install new football field goal posts and pads that have Canoga Park High School on one side and Lowe’s logo on the other.

6. BBQ and picnicking area located in the redwood forest at the north end of the football field.

6. BBQ and picnicking area located in the redwood forest at the north end of the football field.

7. Weight-lifting shed located in area just east of the “home” side football bleachers.

8. Rehabilitation of livestock facilities (beef and sheep pens) and enclose lath house with proper ventilation for housing of rabbits.

Please follow this link to Canoga Park High School website  to view all the project drawings

Go to YouTube and type in Lowes Community Garden and view the 3-D video put together by West Valley Occupational!