Team Members

Larry Eisenberg


Executive summary:

Larry Eisenberg is Principal of Beezley Energy Advisors (BEA).  Eisenberg has extensive expertise with renewable energy and sustainable design and development initiatives. In addition, he has been the lead executive of several billion dollar plus capital construction efforts in the higher education sector. He has published numerous articles on a variety of design and construction-related topics, including innovative public/private partnerships in building projects. Eisenberg is a sought after speaker, regularly serving as a keynote speaker at meetings and conferences around the country on topics of capital program management, facility management, sustainable design, renewable energy, and building construction practices.

Core capabilities:

  • Team leader
  • Expert on sustainable building practices
  • Proficient in planning and developing
  • Excellent organizational, communication and writing skills
  • Certified as a LEED Platinum

Notable projects:

  • Published numerous articles on a variety of construction-related topics
  • Executive director of facilities planning and developing for the Los Angeles Community College County
  • County’s award-winning $6 billion Sustainable Building Program
  • Capital construction, maintenance and operation for the Washington County, Oregon
  • Physical planning and development at the University of Wisconsin System
  • Management operations at the Wisconsin State Government

Top accomplishment:

Eisenberg directed the District’s award-winning $6 billion Sustainable Building Program, one of the nation’s largest “green” construction and renewable energy efforts. The program was established to modernize the LACCD’s nine colleges, focusing on sustainability by embracing nationally recognized environmental standards and guidelines.