Los Angeles Valley College – Central Plant & Utilities (PV/Site Infrastructure)

The Central Plant & Utilities (PV/Site infrastructure) project consisted of:

  • Design-Build Central Plant upgrade
  • Main electrical service, fire alarm and security infrastructure upgrade
  • Site utilities work
  • Data network
  • Photovoltaic system

Project Highlights:

  • Central Plant Upgrade – transformer and distribution board upgrade; install 350 ton absorption chiller, install new ice chiller, new cooling tower, thermal energy storage tanks and add two boilers; Install solar thermal, and ice thermal storage system.
  • Upgrade main campus electrical sub-station – Main electrical service, fire alarm and security infrastructure upgrade; Upgrade energy management system (campus wide).
  • Upgrade civil utilities – gas, cold water and sewer; Install IT/data infrastructure backbone Data network including Alpha and Beta data center spaces
  • Photovoltaic system – carport mounted solar array (4172 modules/ 1.02 MW)

Owner and Contact Information:
Tom Hall, LACCD
Executive Director Facilities


Project/Construction Management Team:

URS/Beezley Management

Beezley Project Representative/Role:

Robert Tellez, Project Manager


Chevron Energy Solutions

General Contractor:

Chevron Energy Solution

Dollar Value:

$18 Million

Construction Dates:

Dec 2006 – April 2009