The Edgewater Towers Condominium Project


The Edgewater Towers Condominium Project:

  • The Edgewater Towers Complex is a development of two 5-story buildings and two 8-story buildings, with a total of 148 residential condominium units located in Pacific Palisades, CA.
  • Beezley acted as owner’s representative during bidding, general construction to completion of project. Served as the project liaison between owner and the contractor.
  • 2 primary scopes of work: 1)HVAC system maintenance upgrade and 2)Interior Renovation

Project Highlights:

  • Replaced an old, corroded HVAC three-pipe chilled water system with a new Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) System.
  • Remove existing corroded piping; Installation of new VRF piping
  • Installation of branch circuit controllers (horizontal and vertical)
  • Remove existing tenant’s Fan Coil Units; Installation of new VFR Fan Coil Units
  • Installation of roof mounted Condensing Units
  • A complete overhaul of the common spaces in each of the 4 buildings.
  • Remove and Replace carpet, floor base, chair molding, and paint
  • Clean, repair and refinish travertine floor
  • Furnish and install new LED lighting fixtures

Owner and Contact Information:

Edgewater Condominiums HOA

Project /Construction Management Team:

Beezley Management

Beezley Project Representative/Role:

Eric Brooks, Project Manager

General Contractor:

Couts Heating & Cooling

Dollar Value:

$6.5 million

Construction Dates: