West Los Angeles College – Central Plant

The West LA College Central Plant project consisted of:

  • A new central heating and cooling plant to serve various buildings at the West LA Community College campus and includes the following:
    • Renovation of the old boiler plant on the east side of the campus to house the new central chilled water plant and equipment
    • Renovation of the old electrical room on the north side of the old boiler room and converting it into a new boiler room plus related equipment
    • Addition of a new dual cell cooling tower on the north side of the central plant building
    • Installation of a bank of ice storage modules south of the central plant
    • Direct buried heating and chilled water piping to various buildings throughout the campus
    • Installation of a new electrical service, distribution and backup generator
    • Replacement of cooling coils in two air handlers serving the HLRC building with chilled water coils served from the new central chilled water plant

Project Highlights:

The Central Plant – West Los Angeles College:

  • Expansion of the existing central plant was completed

    in 2010. The facility will serve all existing and planned buildings at the West LA Community College campus. The project was done under a design-build delivery and the construction of Phase one was completed in 2010.

The Central Plant system will include:

  • Central chilled water plant; central boiler plant and equipment
  • All related electrical power distribution systems, including the new emergency generator on the south side of the central plant.
  • Building fire alarm system; campus heating and chilled water distribution loop piping; sand filtration system; deionized water system
  • Modification of controls sequences to accommodate the additional equipment and capacity

Owner and Contact Information:
Larry Eisenberg,
Executive Director Facilities


Project / Construction Management Team:

Beezley Management

Beezley Project Representative/Role:

David Gonzales, Project Manager


P2S Engineering

General Contractor:

Ameresco, Inc.

Dollar Value:

$6.6 Million

Construction Dates:

May 2008 – November 2011