Digital Realty Trust Data Center

The Digital Realty Trust data center project consisted of:

  • Located in downtown Los Angeles, this building is a state-of-the-art, 450,000 sq. ft. mission critical data center and telecommunications facility.
  • Beezley Management acted as an owner’s representative in preconstruction activities, including permitting and agency coordination for a $2.5 million expansion.
  • The expansion included new diesel generators to support additional revenue-ready floors and involved AQMD qualification and negotiations.

Project Highlights:

  • This data center is the only “green” data center in Los Angeles. By creating a “green” data center, Corporate Colocation eliminated high energy costs and revolutionized the data center environment. The free air cooling system uses the outside air to bring cool air directly to cab aisles, while concurrently extracting hot air.
  • Digital Realty Trust’s “green” innovation of using outside air to cool servers has the potential to transform the digital industry and greatly reduce CO2 emissions.
  • This site, built for Corporate Colocation, benefits from a robust electrical and HVAC infrastructure and telecom network access. It ranks as one of the most prominent technology facilities in the Western U.S.

Owner & Contact Information:

Digital Realty Trust Jordan Satrap

Owner & Beezley Project Representative/Role:

John Milo/Larry Isrow, Construction Advisors

General Contractor:

Carlson Group

Dollar Value:

$2.5 Million

Construction Date: