Los Angeles Pierce College – Botanical Garden

The S. Mark Taper Pierce Botanical Garden project consisted of:

  • Two acres of a formerly lawn-covered quad in the middle of the campus dedicated to a garden
  • The garden has more than 600 species of drought-tolerant plants and requires about 70 percent less water than the lawn that preceded it.
  • Project scope included:
    • Landscaping and drip irrigation system
    • Hardscape (patios, retaining walls and walkways)
    • Shade structures of botanical plant signage
    • Winding concrete walkway called the ”Evolution Walk,” stamped with fossil images along the path

Project Highlights:

  • The new S. Mark Taper Botanical Garden at Pierce College includes an array of Mediterranean plants, including Australian and South African-native shrubs.
  • The College’s garden also includes many Southern Californian native plants, making it a sustainable garden that is drought-resistant.
  • The work area for the second phase of the garden is 47,700 sq. ft. The entire Botanical Garden area is approximately 80,300 sq. ft.
  • A 2,500 sq. ft. pond is the garden centerpiece.

Owner and Contact Information:
Tom Hall, LACCD
Executive Director Facilities


Project/ Construction Management Team:

Swinerton/ Beezley Management/ LACCD Facilities Dept.

Beezley Project Representative/Role:

Jonathan Levy, Program Representative


Joann Krause

General Contractor:

Ground Control Inc.

Dollar Value:

$3.5 Million

Construction Dates:

2006 – 2007