Confidential Energy Company – Broward County Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Broward County Wastewater Treatment Plant project consisted of:

  • Assisted CES in evaluating potential ECM projects, estimating their construction costs and payback (self-funding) periods based on the savings that would be realized from the various energy conservation improvements
  • Provided construction advisory services and construction management services in pre-construction phase
  • Assisted with claims and change order matters, contract administration, pricing structure, risk analysis and construction management.

Project Highlights:

  • Conversion of existing surface aerator treatment basins to fine bubble diffusion, reducing power consumption in the aeration process.
  • Segregation of Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) at the Broward County Septage Receiving Facility, reducing organic loading to the plant, along with direct discharge of FOG to the NRWWTP anaerobic digester process.
  • Collection and scrubbing of anaerobic digester gas for reuse in generating power, coupled with implementation of a dual-fuel electric generator facility.
  • Projects will be constructed and energy savings will be monitored, with CES providing an Energy Guarantee to Broward County accordingly.

Beezley Project Representative/Role:


General Contractor:

(Design-Build) Confidential Energy Company/ Hanzen and Sawyer

Dollar Value:

$26  Million

Construction Dates:

2010 – 2012