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An Olympic-Size Project in South Dakota

pnjc_aerialConstruction of the Pine Ridge Justice Center in South Dakota, a $35 million project to house the Oglala Sioux Tribe’s judicial system, is 95 percent complete.  The project used 4,150 tons of asphalt, weighing as much as a million gallons of water to fill two Olympic swimming pools. 

Featuring a detention center, tribal courts, housing and office space, the LEED Silver project blends traditional tribal justice concepts with a technologically advanced design. Here are other materials used to construct the project, scheduled for completion in June 2014:

  • 51 tons of structural steel, the weight of about 25 stacked vehicles
  • Over two miles of HVAC duct, the distance of 17 average city blocks
  • 1, 045 linear feet of sidewalk, the height of a 73-story building
  • 430,000 linear feet of electrical wiring, longer than the world’s second largest bridge
  • 14,300 ceiling panels, enough to cover the arena floor at Staples Center
  • 56,000 concrete blocks, one for  almost every seat at Dodger Stadium
  • 2,000 linear feet of curb and gutter, twice the length of the Golden Gate Bridge
  • 11,452 linear feet of storm/sewer, three times the depth of the ocean