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MEND Named Nonprofit of the Year by California Volunteers


By California Volunteers

Jonathan and Nadine Levy of Beezley Management sit on the Council of Executives Board for MEND

MEND has been honored with the 2012 Governor’s Volunteering and Service Award as California’s Nonprofit of the Year. MEND was chosen by the office of the Governor and CaliforniaVolunteers in recognition of its “service and innovation while addressing the increasing needs of the state of California.” The award was presented in a July 31st ceremony at the Museum of Natural History to MEND president and CEO, Marianne Haver Hill (pictured above, from left, with MEND Board Chair, Susan Blumenfield, and CaliforniaVolunteers Secretary of Service and Volunteering, Karen Baker).

The award was created to honor a nonprofit group that “has shown an extraordinary ability to leverage volunteers in service to their organization.” MEND does just that every day through its team of volunteers who provide food, clothing, medical and dental care, job training and other services to some 30,000 people living in poverty in the San Fernando Valley.

The organization’s 3,000 volunteers, equivalent to 75 full-time employees, provide 99% of its services. Together with community partners, they have made MEND a model for success in moving forward in a difficult economy. Over the past four years, MEND has been faced with huge increases in client applications for MEND services coupled with a challenging fundraising environment. In response, MEND doubled the number of partnerships with businesses, educational institutions, and community groups. Now more than 300 organizations provide volunteers and supplies to power MEND programs. As a result, MEND was able both to improve the quality of its services and to increase the number of clients served. MEND was one of eight individuals or organizations honored this year by the California Volunteers, a state office that works to increase the number of Californians who serve as volunteers.

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